Hosted Call Center Solutions Are Boon For Customer Service With Higher Efficiency Predictive Dialer

Call center solutions have come a long way. Literally! They are so flexible that they can easily mold themselves as per the need of the customer that site.

Hosted call center software marries VoIP and Web to provide instant call center functionality. It supports seasonal market fluctuations. A customer can rent more seats in peak periods and the same can be reduced during off peak periods. Agents can be located anywhere in the world and yet be part of the same virtual campaign. There are no phones, no phone lines and no hardware equipment required. All that each agent needs is a computer, good quality headphones and a broadband connection. Agents can not only work from any part of the world, but the agent interface is very intuitive which makes the training of agents a snap. This can be important for call centers who are constantly plagued with high attrition rates and having to train new agents constantly.

The call center supervisor can monitor the operations and measure the performance of the call center at both the campaign level and the agent level. Depending on the reports, a supervisor can even reallocate resources and agents from time to time.

More business is also confirmed by hosted VoIP contact center solutions as the agent spends more time talking on the phone and making sales rather than dialing or dealing with answering machines.

Enabling the business to scale new heights, it is an economical blessing for the call center industry, where the scale of operations can be adjusted as per the market demand. This flexibility of operations prevents unnecessary wastage of precious resources and prevents loss.

In short, a hosted call center platform helps call centers to serve their customers better without being an economical burden. So those call centers that aspire to sail through tough times need to immediately need to switch over to VoIP based call center solutions that assist call centers to reduce call costs and lower churn, besides reigning in agent and administration costs.

Call Center technology is not just about making prompt calls and reaching out to maximum possible customers. It is also about generating various reports and analyzing data to improve efficiency of agents and reallocate them as per the importance of the campaign.

Hosted call center solutions has all the tools that a call center needs to monitor its operations and measure the performance of the call center at campaign and agent level. It is empowered to generate reports with just few clicks and the same can be reviewed from anywhere by the supervisor through internet. These reports can be viewed on the system or can be generated on spreadsheet for detailed analysis.

The generated reports can be exported as and when required in either PDF, excel or and CSV formats. They are available in both data and in pictorial format that can be utilized for analysis and management meetings respectively.

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